Sora AI, The New Era of AI Transforming Text into Video

Strictly Adhering to the Prompt Words

a woman
blue jeans and a white t-shirt
taking a pleasant stroll in
Mumbai, India
a beautiful sunset

Supports Generating Videos in Various Resolutions

Image to Video

Sora supports generating videos using images and prompt words as inputs.


Extending Generated Videos

Sora extends videos in time, creating unique starts with identical endings.

Extend Video for Infinite Loop

Video-to-Video Editing

Sora supports generating new videos using video and prompt words as inputs.

Input video

Connecting Videos

Sora interpolates between two videos, creating seamless transitions with varied subjects and scenes.

Input Video
Output Video
Input Video

Emerging Simulation Capabilities

3D Consistency

Sora creates 3D-consistent videos with dynamic camera movement.

Long-Range Coherence and Object Permanence

Even when people, animals, and objects in the video are obscured or leave the line of sight, Sora can still maintain its consistency.

Interacting with the World

Sora can also simulate interactions between characters and their environment, such as a painter leaving new brushstrokes on a canvas, or bite marks remaining after someone eats a burger.

Simulating Digital Worlds

Sora is also capable of creating and simulating effects in games, such as simulating the operations of players in "Minecraft," allowing characters in the generated game videos to interact with scenes in the game.

Text to Image

Sora can also generate images of various sizes, with resolutions up to 2048x2048.

Close-up portrait shot of a woman in autumn, extreme detail, shallow depth of field
Vibrant coral reef teeming with colorful fish and sea creatures
Digital art of a young tiger under an apple tree in a matte painting style with gorgeous details
A snowy mountain village with cozy cabins and a northern lights display, high detail and photorealistic dslr, 50mm f/1.2

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